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New Dot Spot is a software development studio. We do all things software; web, mobile, desktop, IoT, Linux, Windows, Mac.


We like to focus on the user experience first and match the design to that experience. Humanistic design principles applied with a sensitivity to corporate thematic elements creates a unique design while providing the user with a frustration free experience.


We have a "right tool for the job" kind of philosophy and are therefore capable of implementing solutions in a wide variety of languages and tech stacks. We have worked with everything. From the tried and true to really weird, bleeding edge stuff. From web and mobile to IoT and even Smart TV's.


Allow key performance indicators and user experience testing to direct regular improvements to your product. Let us show you what your users really think of your app and how to improve it.


Web, Mobile and Hybrid are just 3 options. Talk to us about our IoT.


From little landing pages to powerful SaaS platforms. Whatever it takes to validate your idea.


Native app development for Android and iPhone for powerful, impactful user impressions.


Code once, launch everywhere. Control costs and accelerate delivery across mulitple platforms simultaneously.


Steps to success!

  • Discovery

    The Humanistic Experience

    Let us introduce you to your idea in a way you've never imagined and discover the hidden potential within.

  • Documentation

    Rapid Clarity

    From short proposals and design briefs to fully detailed scope documents and pitch decks; we have the right tools to capture and convey your idea for every target audience, especially programmers!

  • Waterfall | Agile | Spiral

    Our Software Development Life Cycle

    Adapting the humanistic UX approach to our own business practices creates a flexable, adaptable SDLC that embraces the spirit of each individual project and team.

  • Build → Test → Learn

    The Importance of Validated Learning

    Efficiently tracking, deconstructing and evaluating the user experience and system performance allows for continual, iterative improvements.

  • Be Part
    Of Our


A few eBooks on software startup life that we hope you'll enjoy.

3 Expenses You (Probably) Missed

A short 4 pages on the 3 expenses you should include in your business plan (but probably missed).

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4 Cost Factors

A short 4 pages on 4 factors that affect the cost of 4 different types of software projects.

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How Much Is This Going To Cost?

This is a full eBook (over 3,000 words) to hopefully give you a better understanding of time and cost.

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